What Hospice Is and Isn’t

Hospice IS Not a place.

Hospice Is a way of providing care at home, in nursing homes, or in assistive living facilities.

Hospice IS Not a place to send people to die.

Hospice Is a way of helping people live the remaining time of their lives fully and with as much comfort as possible.

Hospice IS Not a “death bed” service only for people in the last 48 hours of life.

Hospice Is a comprehensive care program for patients and families, which emphasizes quality of life; it is most effective during the final 6 months of life expectancy.


Hospice IS Not a service that keeps the patient out of the loop.

Hospice IS a care system based upon the right of people to know accurately and honestly what is happening to them so they can choose how they want to spend their precious remaining time in the most purposeful and meaningful way.

Hospice IS Not for everyone.

Hospice IS a provision of services elected by some patients and families because it helps them meet their own goals while remaining consistent with their values and concerns.

Hospice IS Not just for cancer patients.

Hospice IS available to patients of any age, race, sex, or religion who have a life limiting disease.


Hospice IS Not a resignation to hopelessness and helplessness.

Hospice IS a way to realistically and humanely deal with one of the great challenges of human life by offering new perspectives on hope and help to patients and families.

Hospice IS Not a substitute for the family or family’s care.

Hospice IS a family-oriented program which helps families care for their loved ones in their place of residence and provides institutional backup as needed.

Hospice IS Not expensive.

Hospice IS a cost-effective alternative that keeps the patient at home and cared for by the family.  Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance companies provide reimbursement for services, and no patient is denied care because of inability to pay.

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