tracyFWhy I am a Hospice Volunteer

In late November 2005 I witnessed an amazing hospice team in action as they helped my family live through the end on my father’s life in February 2006.

The hospice team treated my family with kindness and compassion. Whatever our needs were, they met them. From the nurses to the volunteers, everyone knew what we needed even before we did.  We cried together, hugged and even prayed together. I began to wonder if these people were really this nice.  The answer was yes, they were really that nice.  They became part of our family.  Having that support was amazing.

v3That is part of my story on how I got involved with hospice.  I felt so much love during that time I just kew what I had to do.  I had to volunteer! I thought to myself, “How do I repay these people for their kindness?”  Maybe I could volunteer and help another family the way they helped mine.  And so the story continues.

So now you ask, “What can I do?”  You can recognize that no matter what path a person has followed in life, each is a human being who needs and desires acceptance and understanding.  You can know and understand what a privilege it is to be present during those final months of someone’s life.  You will take away much more than you give during the experience.  If you want to experience that type of love, then you may be ready to volunteer.  You can make a difference in someone’s life.

v4The question now is “Are you ready to volunteer?”  If you are kind, caring, flexible, dependable, compassionate and can accept others for who they are, then the answer is yes.  You are ready to be a volunteer.  Please contact me.  I would love to talk with you about becoming a hospice volunteer.  My life has been so blessed by volunteering, and I know that yours will be too.

Tracy Futch, Volunteer Coordinator

Special Work of a Hospice Volunteer

The following is a list of the many services that can be performed as a hospice volunteer


Hold a hand

Read a story


Run Errands

Light housekeeping

Shop for groceries

Write a letter

Pray with someone

Play cards

Make crafts



Paint fingernails

Take someone fishing

Share a Bible study


Rake a yard

Mow a yard

Car repair

Wash a car

Cook for someone

Sing to Nursing Home residents

Build a wheelchair ramp

Watch a movie together

Fix someone’s hair

Give a haircut

Mend clothes


Help plan special occasions

Play instrument a Nursing Home

Office Duties you could help with:

Answer the phone



Make Packets



Bereavement follow-up

Send a birthday card

Send sympathy cards

Specialized Professional Volunteer Services:

Advanced Directives

Legal Assistance

Tax Advice

A/C repair


Nursing Assistance

Computer Work

Lead Support Groups

Volunteer Training

A training Session is required for all volunteers.  We provide training in Direct Patient Care and Non-Direct Patient Care.  This training is necessary and will provide all the skills needed to assure your level of comfort with end-of-life care.

As a Hospice volunteer, you will be able to provide patient, family and caregiver support services to enhance the quality of care being given to the patient and family.

Just a few minutes of your time is greatly appreciated.

Training sessions can be held during the day or in the evening.  We train one on one or in groups.

Call today to learn more about the volunteer opportunities that are waiting for you.

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